For over twenty years, 10,000 Hours has been synonymous with excellence in executive education. Their curated team of facilitators, steeped in experience and commercial acuity, empowers individuals and organisations with transformative workshops, skills training, and captivating conferences. While a pillar of executive education, they found their digital presence was lagging behind their legacy. Their website, burdened by an outdated interface, fragmented messaging, and sluggish conversions, demanded a strategic overhaul.
As Lead Designer at Vaulter design studio, I took on the challenge to craft a website that not only reflected the client’s excellence but also empowered engagement and conversions. Through a streamlined interface and insightful design choices, I crafted a clear navigation, clarified their brand story, and implemented strategic calls to action. The results saw increased traffic, deeper engagement, and a surge in lead generation. This successful collaboration has positioned 10,000 Hours for continued success in shaping leaders and igniting organisational change.
Client: 10,000 Hours
Website development: Vaulter

— Art direction
— Brand development
— UX/UI design
— Project management

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