Imagine a medical practice where you're not just treated, but empowered to actively manage your health and reach your well-being goals. That was the vision behind Elevate Medical, a progressive healthcare hub in Burwood, Melbourne. As I have extensive experience in building patient-centric healthcare brands, I was sought out to help build Elevate Medical’s brand from the ground up.
Facing a fragmented healthcare landscape, Elevate Medical aimed to create a comprehensive, accessible primary care hub that prioritised preventative care and patient education. I not only crafted a distinct brand identity and user-friendly experience, but also implemented strategies to break down healthcare complexity and empower patients to take charge of their health.
Elevate Medical's brand is a perfect example of showcasing how human-centered design can redefine the healthcare experience.

Copywriting: Emma McMillan
Illustration: Jeffrey Phillips
Website development: Bone Digital

— Brand identity
— Brand strategy
— User research
— UX/UI design
— Print design
— Signage/wayfinding design
— Project management
Website UX/UI design
High-fidelity designs
Live website

Other projects

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