The World Health Organization's 2019 vision, led by Dr. Takeshi Kasai, championed proactive equity in healthcare. This emphasis on integrating gender and equity across all initiatives recognises that prioritising everyone's health needs is crucial for regional health leadership.
As Lead Designer at Vaulter, we partnered with WHO to create the The Gender & Equity Dashboard—a powerful tool for advancing gender equality in health throughout the Western Pacific Region. By providing policymakers with readily available data, resources, and guidance, the Dashboard empowers them to make informed decisions that leave no one behind.
Through a blend of user-focused design, data-driven insights, and a visually engaging aesthetic, the Gender & Equity Dashboard transforms complex data into clear visualisations, streamlines information access, and uses colour and imagery to inspire and motivate change. Through the collaboration with with stakeholder partnerships, we were able to incorporate diverse perspectives and feedback, ensuring a platform that met the needs of policymakers, data analysts, and users alike.
Website development: Bone Digital

— UX/UI design
— UX research
— Project management

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